Why Certify?

Why you need Gluten Free cetification for your restaurant Our research shows that simply offering gluten free menu items without having the education and certification to stand behind the product, is unsafe to the Celiac diner.

Certification gives piece of mind to not only the establishment, knowing they are trained in all facets of gluten-free safety, but also to the patron, who can safely and confidently enjoy the dining experience outside of their home. Certification with The Gluten Free Institute™ Restaurant Certification Program signals to your customers your commitment in offering an allergy-free dining experience, and welcomes these patrons back for future visits.

Benefits to The Gluten Free Institute™ certified establishment include:

  • Cutting edge education on the fastest growing food trend in America
  • An estimated 10-14% increase in yearly revenue
  • A protocol for dealing with Celiac diners as a population, versus taking each customer on a case-by-case basis
  • Welcoming of new patrons to your establishment
  • Piece of mind in offering 'gluten-free' menu items with the certification to back up the product
  • Increased awareness on gluten-sensitive issues
  • Registration on The Gluten Free Institute™ website 
  • Support from our organization in developing future menus






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